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All Things Montessori Podcast

Welcome to the All Things Montessori Podcast, a podcast devoted to discussing everything Montessori. From classroom management to self-care, Montessori at home to staying inspired in this work; we cover it all. Hosted by Jamie Rue and Rachel Larson. 

Two Primary-aged children painting in a Montessori environment

Spearheaded by Angeline Lillard, author of Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius, this study found that students with preschool-level Montessori education overcame the income achievement gap that impacted their non-Montessori peers. 

The Benefit of High Fidelity Montessori over Mixed Programs

Not all schools that profess to follow Montessori's method benefit children equally. From the Journal of School Psychology, this study finds that pure Montessori schools have markedly better student outcomes than those that only borrow pieces of Montessori's method. Aidan is accredited by AMI/USA, the most rigorous organization devoted to classic implementation of the Montessori method.  AMI's system of evaluation, support, and monitoring ensures that Aidan implements Montessori in the way that will best serve your child.

An Aidan Primary child concentrates on her work with a dressing frame

Meditating may not be something your child is ready for - but their socio-emotional health and executive function development can still benefit from what research is coming to call mindfulness. As educators work to figure out how to get their students to benefit from these discoveries, Angeline Lillard finds that Montessori children already do.

Neuropsychology and Montessori

Writing for the US branch of the Association Montessori International, a pediatric neuropsychologist and diplomat of the American Board of Pediatric Neuropsychology summarizes the reasons why Montessori education surpasses conventional education in service of the child's development.

Children moving about a Primary classroom at Aidan Montessori School during the Montessori work cycle

From the Boston Globe, the cutting edge of cognitive science is supporting what Maria Montessori built into her pedagogical method 100 years ago. A great for those interested in why our classrooms are dynamic environments in which children move about independently.