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A graph showing learning outcomes for students in and out of Montessori classrooms, detailed from the study

Reinforcing results from Lillard's study released in late 2017, this study from South Carolina schools demonstrates a link between Aidan's pedagogy and increased student success, especially for students typically move affected by the income achievement gap.

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The Benefit of High Fidelity Montessori over Mixed Programs

Not all schools that profess to follow Montessori's method benefit children equally. From the Journal of School Psychology, this study finds that pure Montessori schools have markedly better student outcomes than those that only borrow pieces of Montessori's method. Aidan is accredited by AMI/USA, the most rigorous organization devoted to classic implementation of the Montessori method.  AMI's system of evaluation, support, and monitoring ensures that Aidan implements Montessori in the way that will best serve your child.

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