Montessori in the News

Montessori education is a world-wide phenomenon, and Montessori children and schools do incredible things.

These articles are here to show you our fellow schools in the news - for special projects, for grand openings, for questions about what we all do answered, and more.

Montessori in the News

In this photo from the Guardian article, A clinician works with an elderly patient to help her do things for herself.

On the very day we post this, Aidan is hosting a retired Montessori teacher who is working toward certification in Montessori for Aging and Dementia here in DC.  Read this article, from the Guardian, for why and how Montessori is helping the elderly with Practical Life skills.

A preview of the linked Article with headline and "Daily Sabah FEATURE," along with a photo of a Montessori classroom.

A Middle Eastern political reporter recently observed a Montessori school in the midst of concern that education in Turkey isn't changing to suit its people's needs. She thinks that Montessori could help encourage curiosity and be part of a better way forward.

A Primary child at Aidan sits, rapt in concentration as she considers her next move with the Stamp Game.

In New York, the head of Creative Minds Montessori School writes for her community paper about the brilliance of Montessori's approach to math. We really enjoyed her description and encourage you to check it out if you're curious about this part of our curriculum.

Turkish Educators to Learn Montessori Methods with New Training Initiative

Montessori education is thriving and spreading in Turkey, where Haldun University is collaborating with Istanbul-based Montessorians to start a teacher training program. One Turkish Montessorian has compared Montessori's approach to the Enderun system of the Ottomans, which is credited with helping that empire continue for more than 600 years.

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