Montessori in the News

Montessori education is a world-wide phenomenon, and Montessori children and schools do incredible things.

These articles are here to show you our fellow schools in the news - for special projects, for grand openings, for questions about what we all do answered, and more.

Montessori in the News

A black and white photograph of Maria Montessori in old age, smiling at primary or lower elementary age children around her

Maria Montessori was a tireless advocate for peace, and conceived of an organization called the White Cross to adapt her method to teaching traumatized children after effects of world wars.  Now, as we look to displaced and endangered children of current conflicts, one researcher writes for the Washington Post about how Montessori's ideas could help them. 

Aidan families making art kits for patients at Children's Hospital this year

Hats off to Mattie, an Idaho Montessori student who raised $2,602 to help build a rural medical center in Haiti!  Taking responsibility for your community, and thinking of your community more and more globally as you grow, are both core values shared by Montessori schools around the world.  If you'd like to see some examples of such projects at Aidan, or be a part of one coming up, check out our Community Service page. Pictured with this post: Aidan families making art kits for Children's Hospital this school year.

A photo from above of an adult steading a rolling pin that a toddler's hands are using the roll dough on a wood surface

A recent study of 3-to-6 year-olds shows that children would rather do something real than pretend to do it, and often prefer realistic play to fantasy play. A lot of our pedagogy is based on this fact, and it's something parents can benefit a great deal from remembering at home.