Oren, 2023 Graduate

Oren, 2023 Graduate

Interviewed by Leo, 6th Year Elementary Student

Leo: What is your favorite color?

Oren: Orange.

Leo: What is a trip you would retake at Aidan and why?

Oren: Either Sandy Spring or Montessori Model United Nations.

Leo: If you could add a special class at Aidan, what would it be?

Oren: Either coding or engineering. That would definitely be a fun class. 

Leo: If you had a parrot, what would you name it?

Oren: I’d name it Cuckoo. Then everyone would think I’m talking about a pet cuckoo, not a pet parrot.

Leo: If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only choose three items to take with you, which three items would you choose?

Oren: A water bottle with a life straw, a 10-pack of instant ramen, and a mini stove so I could cook the ramen.

Leo: Would you rather dye your hair a neon color permanently, or get a tattoo?

Oren: I would rather get a tattoo. I would probably get a mini tattoo of something on my wrist.