Everett, 2021 Graduate

Everett, 2021 Graduate

Interviewed by Jasper, 6th Year Elementary Student

Jasper: Who is your favorite character from Lord of the Rings?

Everett: I like Legolas! He's cool, and he's really tall and he fires a lot of arrows. But I also like Gimli. He's a funny dwarf.

Jasper: How do you feel about snow? Do you have any special memories attached to it?

Everett: No, I don’t like snow! It’s cold and it gets on my coat. It’s evil, I hate it. It’s only good for snowballs!

Jasper: Who is your favorite Marvel superhero?

Everett: I like Spiderman because he’s funny.

Jasper: What will you miss about Aidan?

Everett: I’ll miss how you get the freedom to do whatever you want, and of course I’ll miss all my friends, but I’m pretty excited for my new school. Especially since I already know some people that go there, *cough cough* Jasper *cough cough*