Jasper, 2021 Graduate

Jasper, 2021 Graduate

Interviewed by Hayes, 6th Year Elementary Student

Hayes: What do you miss because of COVID-19?

Jasper: Well I miss being able to do things with more people, like going to movies and having play dates and stuff like that because it was fun to do. However, now there’s social distancing, so we can’t do those things. 

Hayes: If you were in the US Senate would you pass legislation to make DC a state?

Jasper: Probably, I guess. States have more advantages because they have more votes.

Hayes:  Cake or Pie--which do you prefer?

Jasper: I like cake more than pie! Pie is kind of wet because of the fruit and stuff.

Hayes: How do you feel about geese?

Jasper: Geese are annoying and they attack people and they honk too much! I wish they would go away.