India, 2019 Graduate

India, 2019 Graduate


Interviewed by Emelin, 6th Year Elementary Student


Emelin: If you could watch any movie right now, which would you watch? 

India: Ferris Bueller's Day Off, because it reminds me of summer and how school is ending. I'm excited for summer because of all the fun activities I can do, like sleeping in late and spending time with my friends. 

Emelin: What's your lucky number? 

India: Nine, partly because "i" is the ninth letter in the alphabet and that's what my name starts with. I also like the round shape of the number. 

Emelin: If you could go back to any historical moment, what would it be? 

India: Probably the day the narwhal was first discovered, because it's my dream to see one. Since narwhals live in the Arctic and they are so hard to see, that day would be my best chance.