Harrison, 2023 Graduate

Harrison, 2023 Graduate

Interviewed by Sophie, 6th Year Elementary Student

Sophie: If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could only choose three items to take with you, which three items would you choose?

Harrison: I would choose a tent, a weapon of some sort, and matches to start fires. 

Sophie: What is your favorite animal and why?

Harrison: I like tigers because they’re pretty much just giant cats. They’d be dangerous to own, but I can admire them and think they’re adorable from afar. 

Sophie: What is your favorite school subject and why?

Harrison: I like math.  

Sophie: What are your feelings about leaving Aidan?

Harrison: I’m nervous because I’ve never been to a separate school, so I don’t know what it’ll be like. 

Sophie: If you could turn into any fruit, what would it be? You would have arms and legs to move around, and you’d be conscious.  

Harrison: I’d be a banana, because then I could run around and say, “I’m a banana!”

Sophie: Cake or pie, and why?

Harrison: Cake, because it has way more flavors.