Why Your Participation Matters

Your generosity supports everything we do. Thank you.

Why Your Participation Matters
Why Your Participation Matters

by Jessica Allen Young, Director of Advancement

What is Participation? Why does it Matter?

When we talk about Participation, we are referring to the percentage of potential donors, usually parents, who make a gift of any size to the Aidan Fund in the current fiscal year, from July 1 through June 30.

This percentage is vital in determinations that other organizations make about the strength of the Aidan community and our ability to continue to exist. Our parent participation rate, in particular, has the largest impact on outside support. Many corporations, banks, governmental agencies, and foundations consider parent participation rates before agreeing to support to the school, whether through donations, grants, or even loans.

We strive for 100% parent participation each year, and if our rates are not high, it can have real and serious consequences for the school.

Currently, we have 21% of our families participating. If you haven't done so yet, please make a pledge or donation to the Aidan Fund today. All donations go to immediate use providing vital, unrestricted resources needed to support things like field trips or goings out, classroom materials including furniture and lockers for the Upper Elementary classroom, professional development, financial aid, and so much more.

Last month we featured the What, Who, Why and How of the Aidan Fund. For more information, please read our FAQs or feel free to contact Jessica Allen Young, Director of Advancement.

In the coming weeks, one of our parent volunteers may contact you about this year's Aidan Fund. Should you wish to make your gift or pledge today, please visit online at www.aidanschool.org/giving or drop off your donation with Linda in the Front office.

Thank you for your participation and your support of the school.

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