The Aidan Fund: The What, Who, Why, and How

Your generosity supports everything we do. Thank you.

The Aidan Fund: The What, Who, Why, and How
The Aidan Fund: The What, Who, Why, and How

by Jessica Allen Young, Director of Advancement

What Does the Aidan Fund Support?

Participation in the Aidan Fund provides vital, unrestricted resources needed for our educational program, faculty development, Montessori materials, and Financial Aid.

In the recent years, examples of what these funds have provided include the Aidan Bus, a new security system allowing a 360 degree view of the building, new chairs, desk, shelving and lockers for the classrooms, and building and playground upgrades.

Who Supports the Aidan Fund?

Parents, the Board, faculty, staff, alumni, grandparents, and many members of the school's community contribute to the Aidan Fund. We are grateful to each and every donor who makes a gift. We seek 100% participation from our faculty, staff, and families because it demonstrates to potential donors and grantors that our community is 100% supportive of what we do at Aidan. Every gift—no matter the size—makes a difference.

Why Does Aidan have an Aidan Fund?

Like all independent schools, each year Aidan faces the challenge of meeting the highest standards of educational excellence while holding tuition increases to a minimum – and every year, this creates a gap between tuition and the true cost of an Aidan education. The Aidan Fund fills this gap.

Also, gifts to the Aidan Fund can be tax deductible. Tuition is not. For more information about taxable donations, please consult your tax advisor.

How can I Support this Effort?

When our volunteers contact you during the year and ask you to participate, please make a donation or a pledge. Many foundations and corporations look at the percentage of our community supporting the school as they consider their gift to us. So, it's not the amount you give that matters, but your participation.

  • Give today! You can make an outright gift at any time or make a pledge payable by June 30 of the current fiscal year. Aidan can accept gifts of cash, check, credit card, stock, and other marketable securities. You can also access our secure, online giving site 24 hours a day, using your debit or credit card, at this link. This convenience is quick and easy to use. It also eliminates the need for envelopes, stamps, or checks. If you are considering some other kind of non-cash gift such as appreciated stock or real estate, just call us. We are prepared to facilitate those gifts as well: 202-332-2732. For more details about making your gift, please contact or see our Ways to Give page.
  • See if your company has a matching gift program. Matching gifts double the effectiveness of your dollars. Please ask your HR department if the program is available where you sign up. If you need assistance with the forms, please don't hesitate to call us at 202-332-2732.
  • You can also help by sharing with others the vision and purpose of The Aidan Fund.

Make your gift today!

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