Thank you for a Wonderful Book Fair!

Your generosity supports everything we do. Thank you.

Thank you for a Wonderful Book Fair!
Thank you for a Wonderful Book Fair!

We would like to send a special thank you to the Chair of the Book Fair, David Bowman, and to Mana Behbin, Jenny Nuber, Shannon Rutngamlug, Zoya Davis, Christianne Ridge, and Vivianne Choi for volunteering to staff the Aidan Table at the Fair. It was truly loved by all that attended and it's definitely one of our community's favorite events each year.

Because of your generosity, the library and Bright Beginnings received 118 books. In addition to the books, the PA also received over $1000, which accounts for 20% of the overall book sales and 15% of the sales at Comet Ping Pong. We can't say thank you enough!

Please see below for a thank you note from our Librarian Nell Stewart, too!

Thank you again!

Jessica Allen Young
Director of Advancement


In the past few days it has been wonderful receiving all the books from the Aidan Book Fair that your families so generously donated! It's been exciting not only to me, but to the children walking by as well, to see the stacks of the bright new books as I am putting the new library tracking stickers on them and adding them to the online catalog.

On behalf of Aidan I want to say thank you so much for these new additions to the Library! All our students will benefit from the community support that these books represent.

Warm regards,

Nell Stewart

PS - Thanks to amazing parent volunteers, please enjoy these photos of the event itself!

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