February Auction Update, from Zoya

Your generosity supports everything we do. Thank you.

February Auction Update, from Zoya
February Auction Update, from Zoya

Dear Friends,

Welcome back to the second half of the school year. At this point, you may feel inundated with email and backpack mailings concerning the auction, but, if you're wondering what this Auction you keep hearing so much about is, this is for you.

I recall when my family was new to Aidan. I had no prior experience with the Auction and I was very curious. Thinking back, my expectations were mixed, but when the night came, I had a fantastic time! To explain: the Auction is the way that Aidan has decided to raise money for its Financial Aid program. It is usually a themed evening with the theme informing the dress code. The night itself starts with cocktails, appetizers, and a silent auction. In the past, the evening culminated with a formal sit-down dinner and a live auction staffed by professional auctioneers. New this year, we are transforming the ballroom to a VIP Lounge which includes a dance floor.

You may have come to the same conclusion, but I also wanted to share that the Auction can directly benefit you and your family, especially if you're new members of our community. So please take a moment to peruse the following four benefits that the auction provides:

  1. Meet new families in the Aidan community. The Auction is a chance to meet and socialize with other Aidan families. Sometimes it can seem like communities are divided by floor or by Program (Toddler, Primary, etc). It can be difficult to meet Elementary parents if you are a Toddler or Primary parent. The Auction is one of the special times when everyone from the community comes together in fellowship, celebrating the Financial Aid program and giving back to that worthy cause. You may find yourself chatting with a new family while bidding on the A-Z baskets or even while enjoying yourselves on the dance floor.
  2. De-clutter your life. The Auction offers a chance to simplify your life. The holidays can send our efforts to minimize clutter into turmoil. At the beginning of the year, we may find ourselves with a closet bursting with unneeded gifts and presents that we do not have room for or we do not know what to do with. Never fear – the Auction will take these excess gifts off your hands and put them to good use.
  3. Jumpstart your revenue in the new year. In the past, Aidan parents have donated their services as an Auction item and/or have purchased advertisements and thereby helped underwrite the cost of the Auction. Are you one of the many parents that owns a business? With the Auction, you can advertise or offer your services to a wide audience.
  4. Teach our children the importance of philanthropy. The Auction also provides a forum for our children to learn about and participate in giving back. Children can use their own money to become a sponsor of their Auction. With their gift, they will see their name in the Auction catalog as one of the Auction supporters. The ultimate benefactors of the Auction are our children, so we have given special thought to ways they can help with this important endeavor.

Yours for Aidan,

Zoya Davis
Fellow Parent & Auction Chair

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