President's Note

Sandra and her son at Aidan's 2017 Book Fair

Sandra R. Ortiz


Above, Sandra and her son at Aidan's
2017 Book Fair.

In reflecting upon the generous financial support of our donors, I am struck not only by how your philanthropy enables a first-rate Montessori education, but how it also ensures that the values each of your gifts represents are perpetuated in the larger community and magnified over time.

Gifts to the Aidan Fund and the Auction to Fund Students symbolize responsibility towards the larger community and recognition that life is beyond oneself. We see this practiced by our students every day, in school and beyond. Imagine the seemingly simple acts of sweeping for an Adopt-A-Block event or making crafts to sell for the benefit of water projects in Africa shaping our students’ future interest in public policy or infrastructure project finance. Or a school book swap being not only a means to build excitement for the annual Book Fair and free-cycle books, but a way to discover different interests or even appreciate what a book read by a classmate in a different language might look like.

Aidan’s emotional intelligence curriculum, together with lessons in “Grace and Courtesy”, gives our students the ability to feel empathy for others and welcome differing opinions. This ability fosters innovation and creative problem-solving, which are achieved by collaborating with others and engaging in a healthy exchange of ideas. Envision the entrepreneurial spirit exhibited by student-organized fundraising bake sales and student participation in a DC children’s business fair, evolving into meaningful ventures in the future - both in the private and public sectors.

Because of the continuing financial support of our generous community of families, friends, staff, and faculty, Aidan is able to provide the best environment for students to develop skills in critical thinking, civic engagement and creative problem solving. And it all starts with each of your gifts, which represent recognition of a world beyond oneself. Thank you for enabling a first-rate Montessori education at Aidan and helping shape our students with your inspiring example.