Two Letters: Celebrating the Arrival of our New Head of School, Kevin Clark

I am very pleased to have this opportunity to welcome Kevin Clark, who became Aidan's Head of School on July 1. After a whirlwind finish to his school year and an epic move with his family from Massachusetts to Maryland, Kevin immediately and enthusiastically dove into work at Aidan. Please feel free to reach out to him at any time with a welcome, or for any reason at all. His Aidan email address is

As is customary for a new Head, Kevin will spend this year getting to know Aidan's culture and customs, people and practices. At the same time, he will actively guide our school's ongoing growth and development. In particular, we are excited about the extended elementary program, which will start in September. The extended elementary program offers longer stretches of uninterrupted Montessori work time, in-depth language instruction, and improved physical education, art, and music time. This revised schedule is a direct result of feedback from and collaboration among community members as part of our Strategic Plan, Aidan 2020.I encourage you to continue to share your thoughts with Kevin and Aidan's Trustees as we move forward together for our children.

I hope this letter finds you enjoying the summer, and I look forward to seeing you at the summer play date on July 24th and at school in September. As always, please be in touch for any reason.

Yours for Aidan,

Isabelle Von Kohorn
President, Board of Trustees


Dear Aidan Families,

I have only been "on the job" for ten work days now. Thanks to everyone at Aidan, however, my transition into this position was guided and supported so thoroughly and thoughtfully that I feel I have been welcomed into this community from my first point of contact with the wonderful people who compose Aidan Montessori School, back in January.

Within my first five days, I had informative interactions with staff, teachers, children, and families. Some of these were the sort that make one feel instantly bonded. It feels to me as though old friends are being made on a daily basis.

Since January, as I have taken the journey of getting to know the School and the community, I have been forming goals for myself. My aim is to make many of them come to fruition quickly.I look forward to:

  • getting to know Aidan, its people, and its programs;
  • reviewing and improving programs, systems, and protocols;
  • enhancing communications;
  • maintaining and improving facilities;
  • implementing the Strategic Plan, Aidan 2020;
  • ensuring outstanding academics as well as social aptitude in our students; and,
  • working with all of you to make Aidan the best place it possibly can be, for children and families.

It is an honor to be entrusted with your children and with Aidan, a school with a spectacular reputation on a national level and an authentic, effective Montessori school.

Please, introduce yourself to me (repeatedly!) as we run into each other. And, please know that I am here, available, and accessible. Let's work shoulder-to-shoulder and continue to enhance our children's experience and their future. I hope to meet many of you at the two get-togethers this summer.

I look forward to getting to know you.


Kevin Clark
Head of School