Special Persons Day 2017: In Photos

Many, many thanks to the wonderful grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles, parents, family friends, and more who visited for Special Persons' Day! It means the world to our children - for whom you came, from all over the world - that you made it here to see them at school.

While we may not have captured everyone, we tried our best to document this day thoroughly. As a result, we have posted a LOT of photos - you have been warned! - because we had so many wonderful guests for this occasion! We want you all to have a chance to see photos of the people special to YOU together.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who made this an exceptional Special Persons' Day. Just documenting it was a massive team photographic effort by parent volunteers Lauren Ackil and Kristen Franklin and Aidan staff Grace Lee and Cassie Sherman-Marks. Making the day in its entirely happen took every member of the Aidan community. Thank you for being a part of it.