Journey & Discovery: Thank you for Coming!

It's not every day that we get to post photos of parents working! You can see what we took at this year's Journey & Discovery on our Facebook Page.

Thanks to everyone who attended Journey and Discovery this year! For those who did not make it, we hope you can come to a future instance of this not-to-be-missed event. Journey & Discovery is a unique opportunity for a "hands on" experience with the Montessori materials. It is meant to give you a snapshot of what happens day-to-day in a Montessori school from the day the 18-month-old joins the Toddler Community until the night of commencement for the twelve-year-old. You attend one evening for a journey which progresses through all four levels where you begin to get a sense of the differences between Montessori and traditional education models. Then, you return the next morning and, under the guidance of the teachers, you will work directly with preselected materials to discover Montessori from the perspective of the child. Each session ends with a lively discussion.