From the Chair of Our Board: A Wonderful Year and a Fond Farewell

Above: Board Chair Isabelle Von Kohorn greets the Aidan Community on Back to School Night last fall.

Dear Members of the Aidan Community,

As we approach the end of the school year, I am pleased to share with you the encouraging news that Aidan is thriving in every way possible. Our community has again come together around our core values: nurturing independence, inspiring empathetic leadership, and cultivating a love of learning. Our children have worked together within and across classrooms to build and share knowledge, keep our environment beautiful, plan "goings-out," serve the wider community, entertain us at the elementary musical and at the upcoming end-of-year classroom celebrations, and so much more. Aidan is also healthy financially--so much so that with this year's minimal tuition increase and the decreased financing costs for extended-plan payments, some families will experience a decrease in overall cost to attend Aidan. And, all of this has been achieved during a year of change. Kevin Clark will soon complete his first Aidan school year having spearheaded a highly successful transition with his superb staff and faculty.

I want to share a few updates from the Board's annual meeting in May. First, I'm pleased to announce that we elected Sandra Ortiz to be President of the Aidan Board of Trustees. Sandra has served most recently as the Treasurer of the Aidan Board and has extensive experience in governance through her work in the finance industry and as a trustee of her alma mater, Macalester College. The Board elected Garry Reeder to serve as Vice President, Bryan Patten as Treasurer, and Elisabeth Cohen to a second term as Secretary. While I am saddened that my term as President is ending, I have absolute confidence in the Board and this highly skilled and knowledgeable leadership team. We are also pleased to welcome Leanne Davis as a new trustee of Aidan. Leanne has expertise in educational administration and fundraising, and we are grateful for her service to our school. Finally, I would like to honor the dedication and contributions made by Hilary Provinse as she concludes her 6 year term as an Aidan Trustee. I have worked hand-in-glove with Hilary in her role as Vice President over the past two years. Her wisdom, candor, and good humor have served the school immeasurably, and I am grateful to have had the chance to work with her.

As the Board and the administration move forward into the coming year and beyond, I would like to thank every community member who participated in our surveys and conversations this year. Your advice and guidance about our shared vision for Aidan has been invaluable. Two messages came through loud and clear: the Board and administration should continue to make the Aidan of today the very best it can be. At the same time, there is a thirst for more; many shared their hopes that Aidan will expand to offer a Middle School. We are taking both of these messages to heart and over the coming year will explore ways to continue to strengthen Aidan's offerings while also investigating the possibilities for expansion.

And now, with much gratitude for your support and guidance over the years, I conclude my final letter to you with a tribute to the late Frank Deford--sports writer, gentleman, and humanitarian--who left us all too soon; "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, I bid you goodbye, and take my leave."

Yours for Aidan,