Building Community at Aidan, one goal at a time



by Lauren Ackil, Elisabeth Cohen, & other Aidan/Honeybee Parents, with photos by Kristen Franklin

The Woodley Park Honeybees started with a couple of parents eager to have their daughters play a team sport. After making a few unsuccessful attempts at organized soccer programs, Aidan parents Elisabeth Cohen, a former collegiate varsity soccer player, and Josh Ackil, a soccer enthusiast, came-up with a plan.

They recruited fellow lower-elementary parents to meet-up on Saturday mornings with their daughters to play soccer. Parent expectations were low, given their children's excitement of being with friends at a playground. Would they even want to play soccer?

Fortunately, focusing on fun drills to develop basic skills and teamwork fostered a love of the game and a strong competitive drive.

Three years later, the Woodley Park Honeybees are part of the 3rd grade all-girls Stoddert soccer league. The team has learned a lot this season about sportsmanship through wins and losses, and continues to improve every game. The love of the sport, team camaraderie, and family bonding couldn't be better.

Go Honeybees - and go Aidan, for bringing together the families who founded the team!




Anyone in at Aidan can tell you that Aidan's spirit goes beyond what happens in school. Do you know about other great things happening outside of Aidan, but through the Aidan community? Email us! We'd love to feature them in future news from Aidan