Aidan's New Website

This August, Aidan Montessori was proud to launch its new website. We hope that you find it helpful, easy to use, and representative of a community you're proud of.

Some areas worth checking out to get to know the site:

  • Aidan News & Recent Posts - This function of our new site will help us send you headlines rather than long blocks of text in emails in addition to keeping our site more lively through frequent additions of new content. You'll also find content specifically pertinent to certain school programs on the landing pages for those areas - which we hope will bring current information to what you can read about the APF, the Parent Association, and ultimately, each level of the academic program.
  • Aidan's Calendar - Click on each event name for more details as its date draws nearer - both on the site and in This Week at Aidan, our weekly calendar email. You can find RSVP forms for many events through doing this, too. Don't forget to subscribe to our calendar, too - you can add it to Google Calendar, iCal, and more through the gray subscribe icon on the upper right hand corner of the event list.
  • Our Homepage - The front door of the site is meant to represent us well and accurately to new audiences - but we hope that our current families find it helpful and easy to navigate, too.

Please know that our password-protected portals will follow the main site in October. Our faculty might be in touch with you more by email until then, but we're hoping that, once it's up and running, the portal will make finding out what's going on in your child's classroom easier and better than ever before.

Many new websites have areas that need fixing here and there - should you find one, or if you have any trouble with the site, please email us at