2017's Elementary Fair: A Journey Through Ancient Civilizations

For both those who presented and those who attended, the Elementary Fair, "A Journey Through Ancient Civilizations" was a memorable learning experience. The children learned about ancient civilizations from all over the world, from the ancient Maya and Chinese, to the Vikings and Nubians, to Mesopotamia and Egypt. Through their immersive presentations, visitors learned how people in these cultures satisfied their fundamental physical and spiritual needs.

When they first started their preparations, the children received an overview of each civilization and then selected a particular culture and fundamental need to research and present to others. Families were involved, too. Some parents volunteered to act as research assistants as the children gathered information and some parents facilitated goings out to purchase supplies and to do additional research on various aspects of the projects. The classrooms were transformed into ancient cities filled with models, artifacts, food, and costumed presenters.

The Elementary Fair is an annual event for which we are in the process of instituting a three-year cycle. Last year was the Science Fair, which until recently was an almost-annual event, though we have also explored some other themes, such as History and Math. This year focused on geography and culture, and next year will be a Living Museum based on the biographies of heroes and historical figures - after which we will again focus on science. The students draw from all areas of the curriculum as they read about, write about, and build their presentations, so science was not at all absent this year, in the study of agricultural methods, making tools from available resources, and more. The energy the children brought to this first year of our new cycle really enlivened the fair and all those who came to experience it.

We know you will enjoy the accompanying pictures and fond memories of an exciting evening!