Spanish Language

Aidan's Spanish Program touches many children at the school, with Toddlers exposed through songs and play and instruction beginning at the Primary level.

The Spanish curriculum is based on Montessori's educational philosophy as well as on the Montessori approach to the individual child, language development, group management, teaching and learning styles, and specific techniques such as the Three-Period lesson. It also draws upon current approaches in second or third language development (e.g., Total Physical Response, or TPR) which are being successfully used with young children.

Aidan's Primary students work on Spanish one morning a week in each classroom, in small groups - singing songs, playing games, and working on basic conversational forms like greetings and simple questions.

Elementary Spanish meets four times a week and includes reading, writing sentences, translating Spanish into English, learning increasingly complex songs and poems, simple role plays, and eventually learning irregular conjugations and doing research projects.

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Program Faculty

Natalia Lopez

Natalia Lopez

Spanish Teacher

Natalia López first came to Aidan in 1989, left in 1998, and returned in 2002. She grew up in Cochabamba, Bolivia, where she received a B.S. in Elementary Education from Normal de Maestros Manuel A. Villarreal-Cochabamba. She worked for eight years as an elementary teacher at Instituto Americano at Cochabamba, Bolivia. At that time she worked with Christian Children’s Fund with children from different backgrounds. She also works as a Spanish Language and Culture teacher at the International Monetary Fund and as a Spanish Professor at Georgetown University. Natalia also speaks Portuguese. She enjoys reading; spending time with her grandchildren Diego, Daniella, Camilla and Derek; traveling; and meeting new people.