Physical Education

In Aidan's Physical Education Program, our goal is to help children to discover and explore a diverse selection of activities that promote a lifelong healthy lifestyle. Our curriculum includes opportunities in physical, social, and emotional health education. The encouragement of risk taking, problem solving, choice, and self-challenge afford children an opportunity to learn about themselves in a safe and supportive environment.

The Physical Education Program uses a skill-based curriculum. The units taught are dodging, chasing, fleeing, throwing, catching, kicking, striking, striking with implements, body management, gymnastics, dance, and individual/dual sports.

The units are repeated each year, and the scaffolding builds from acquisition to mastery. How far a student moves is determined by determination and ability. We encourage them to make a genuine effort and to find their personal best. We reinforce that there are many ways to have a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

Physical Education News & Posts

May and June in Physical Education

Late spring in Physical Education, according to PE Teacher Bryan Librizzi, has upped student skills in understanding games, tournaments, problem solving, and their own movement through space.

Turning Up the Heat in April PE

Last month, Primary and Elementary students learned more about games and sports incorporating skills from units earlier in the year. Elementary students are also learning about how to gauge and maintain or elevate their personal fitness levels.

Program Faculty

Bryan Librizzi

Bryan Librizzi

Director of Discovery & Summer Camps and Physical Education Teacher

Bryan has been in Elementary and Middle School education since he was 20 years old, and enjoys going to work every day. He has held various teaching and administrative positions in schools around the US. He began teaching in 2001 at Alimacani Elementary School in DC Public Schools, first Physical Education and then 2nd grade. In 2003, he moved to Jacksonville Country Day School and taught Pre-K to 6 Physical Education and Swimming. In 2010, he completed a principalship at Ribault High School in DCPS. In 2010/2011, he taught 5th & 6th grade Math and Science for DCPS before moving to New Hampshire to be a Dean at Hampshire Country School. In 2011/2012 SY, Bryan returned to D.C to work at Janney Elementary School. While at Janney, Bryan served as a non-traditional Assistant Principal, Executive Director of Janney After Care, Director of Operations for Janney After School Programs, Director of Activities, and Director of Early Childhood Movement. This year, in addition to working at Aidan,Bryan is a morning administrator at Brookland Middle School.

Bryan's interest in athletics started early. In high school, he played football, wrestles, and ran track. In college, he played football.

Bryan, along with his mother, father, older brother, and sister, grew up in Central Florida. He comes from a very large Italian family, mostly situated in South Florida. His older brother is a priest in Orlando, and his sister works for the National Engineer's Association here in Washington, D.C. Bryan's mother and father are living the retirement dream in Florida. His father is a four-time retired middle school English teacher and his mother has worked in and around finance. He is pleased to report that he still sees them often; they split their time between here and Orlando, taking care of their two Westie puppies, dancing, and holding hands when they walk down the street. In his free time, Bryan enjoys reading (especially sci fi and fantasy), playing co-ed competitive sports, outdoor hiking and trail running, deep wilderness camping, playing video games, & going to the gym. On weekends, he relaxes and hikes with friends and attends church every Sunday.