Physical Education

In Aidan's Physical Education Program, our goal is to help children to discover and explore a diverse selection of activities that promote a lifelong healthy lifestyle. Our curriculum includes opportunities in physical, social, and emotional health education. The encouragement of risk taking, problem solving, choice, and self-challenge afford children an opportunity to learn about themselves in a safe and supportive environment.

The Physical Education Program uses a skill-based curriculum. The units taught are dodging, chasing, fleeing, throwing, catching, kicking, striking, striking with implements, body management, gymnastics, dance, and individual/dual sports.

The units are repeated each year, and the scaffolding builds from acquisition to mastery. How far a student moves is determined by determination and ability. We encourage them to make a genuine effort and to find their personal best. We reinforce that there are many ways to have a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

Physical Education News and Posts

Coach's Corner: Winter PE Updates

It's been a busy winter in PE despite the chilly weather! Coach Katinas provides an update on what our Primary and Elementary students have been learning in PE the past couple months.

PE Winter Updates

Coach Katinas keeps students moving in PE to combat the early winter chill. Here's how your child can make the most of their PE and recess in the coming cold months!

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