The Library Program has a number of moving parts and serves a number of purposes here at Aidan.

The Library has a large nonfiction collection which supports the research that Elementary students do throughout the year, individually and in groups of two or more (student research is prominent in Montessori starting at a young age).

The library also has a fiction collection from which Elementary and Primary students can check out books. The librarian visits Primary classrooms weekly to read to full day students, helping to instill a love of reading in them! There are also books in the library for the toddler age and parents and caregivers are welcome to come in with their toddler and check out a book.

For parents and teachers, the Library has a parenting section and a section on education; as much as possible these sections include the titles that the Aidan Program for Families Book Study Group reads.

The Library is located along the hallway outside the Lower Elementary classrooms. Come by to browse the new books display, other themed displays of books, and the collection! There is a couch and small rug where you can comfortably read for awhile if you would like.

Library News and Posts

Summer Library Update

Ms. Stewart highlights some favorite reads from the Aidan Library and shares literature recommendations as families gear up for summer reading. 

Program Faculty

Nell Stewart

Nell Stewart


Nell started her library career with many years' experience working in academic and research libraries. She more recently became interested in school libraries, and so started taking courses in School Library Media and working as a substitute librarian and teacher in independent and public schools in the DC area. She served as a parent volunteer in Sidwell Friends' Lower School Library for several years, and has also volunteered at Little Falls Library, a branch of the Montgomery County Public Library system.

Nell loves to read, especially with her book club, of which she has been a member for 15 years. She also enjoys biking, swimming, gardening, baking, and spending time with her son and daughter.