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Spring Chinese Update

Chinese teacher, Xixi Chen, shares some updates about our Elementary students' experience exploring the language, culture and history of China.

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Xi Chen

Xi Chen

Chinese Teacher

Xixi first began her teaching career during her undergraduate study working with international students to improve their second language acquisition skills. After finishing her degree, she expanded teaching skills by working in an immersion environment at Language Stars in McLean. Most recently, Xixi spent three years teaching Chinese at Ross School in East Hampton, New York, where she was able to hone her craft. Xixi brings her creativity and care to the Aidan community and is a wonderful part of our Foreign Language Team.

Xixi views life to be an adventure and she loves exploring and trying new things. Swimming, hiking and cycling are a few of the outdoor activities that Xi enjoys. When she's not hiking the Grand Canyon or sky diving, Xixi also likes cooking with friends and tasting new foods. Currently, she is learning ballet and how to surf.