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Ni hao! The basic principle of 孔子, Confucius, the well-known Chinese philosopher and role-model of all Chinese teachers, was to teach students in accordance with their aptitude, and that is the aim of Aidan's Chinese Program.

At the Primary level, children are immersed in the Chinese language through reading Chinese books, singing with movement, and having lunch together. Through this immersion, the children learn basic vocabulary and sentences naturally.

In Lower Elementary, the children learn Chinese language and culture through reading, project building, and doing independent research.

And in Upper Elementary, students deepen their speaking and writing skills through a wide variety of different projects and activities, building on prior years.

中文 (Read in Chinese)

你好! 中国著名的至圣先师孔子,他所提倡的“因材施教”,正是我们在Aidan蒙特梭利学校所遵循的教学原则。




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Chinese Corner: Games, Culture and Cuisine

Aidan students expand their knowledge of Chinese culture and vocabulary through games, celebrations and cooking. Students enjoyed creating delicious treats in honor of Chinese New Year while learning more about the fruit and vegetables commonly found in Chinese cuisine.

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