The Visual Arts play an important part in the curriculum at Aidan Montessori. At the Elementary level, we offer weekly Studio Art and Art History classes. Aidan's Art Teacher also provides guidance and material information for the Primary and Toddler classes.

Art History classes encourage students to look at and think about art from a variety of cultures, time periods, and artistic movements. Classes discuss how and why a given work of art is made and look for elements that will influence their art making. Students are encouraged to explore the artwork in depth and share their opinions and feelings about the art.

Studio Art classes cover a variety of media, process, and tools. Students learn the elements and principles of art as building blocks to the development of their skills. Projects are designed to encourage students to think like an artist, make connections to their world, and develop their own artistic voices.

Art News and Posts

Making A Mural - Art Teacher Reflection

Aidan's Elementary students recently completed a beautiful public mural on the green space across from the school. Art teacher, Ms. Skor, sheds light on the planning and preparation taken for this large artistic endeavor.

Program Faculty

Margaret Skor

Margaret Skor

Art Teacher

Margaret joined Aidan as Art Teacher in 2016, in a convergence of her professional background in both art and childcare. Margaret originally came to DC to study at Georgetown University. While pursuing her art degree, she had the wonderful opportunity to study curation with curators at the National Gallery of Art, and create documentary content for local non-profits. She later worked as a content creator for DC Public Schools. Margaret has worked as a photographer, nanny, and has designed art workshops and events for children throughout her career. In addition to photography, her other art passions are drawing (charcoal specifically), painting, printmaking and process based workshops. In addition to studies in Art Education, she continues to avidly pursue studies in Art History through museum programs for educators and research.

She was first introduced to Montessori learning through her niece and nephew who attended Aidan, and was so excited to become part of this community of educators where she can create unique, integrated learning opportunities for her students. Margaret loves to read, travel, see movies, visit museums, spend weekends in New York, and relax in nature. She spends a lot of her spare time back in Minnesota with her family, or on their dock in Lake Superior.