In addition to our strong Montessori core, Aidan offers its students a variety of classes and resources in specific areas that augment their education here. We call these classes Specials.

Specials News & Posts

Book Review: "The Turtle of Oman" by Naomi Shihab Nye

This month, Aidan Librarian Nell Stewart has a great book for younger elementary students to read, especially if they're interested in what life is like elsewhere in the world or are processing moving from one country to another.

May Events: A Guide
We're starting to get ready for the Evening of the Arts, Grandparents' Reception, and Special Persons' Day. Here's the run down on what those are, in brief, and what specifically you need to know about how they're happening this year. Good info for new and returning families alike.
Golf and Team Sports in March

In PE, we're enjoying the warm weather, improving cardiovascular health, learning about how many different games of golf can occupy the same space at the same time, and discussing different levels of competitiveness in team sports.

Meet our Specialist Faculty

Susanna Barton-Smith

Assistant Physical Education Teacher & ASP Assistant

Eva Esparza

Music Teacher & Toddler Assistant to Ms. Williams

Jill Hayward

Assistant Chinese Teacher

Andrew Hurwitz

Learning Support Specialist

Jessica Kwerel

School Counselor

Bryan Librizzi

Director of Discovery & Summer Camps and Physical Education Teacher

Natalia Lopez

Spanish Teacher

Minfang Maguire

Mandarin Chinese Teacher

Nell Stewart