Upper Elementary

Due to the temporary closure of Aidan Montessori School, we have come up with a plan for your children to continue their learning while at home. Please scroll down this page to find DLP expectations, schedules, and the weekly curriculum plan. In addition to this division level page, there is a DLP page dedicated to Specials, Foreign Language, and Student Support Services - click here for that information.

You should see invitations to daily community meetings led by your child’s teacher; please try to make sure your child attends those meetings every morning.  The schedule is staggered in order to accommodate for families with siblings and limited access to technology. Sweet Gum meets at 8:30 AM, Magnolia meets in smaller groups between 8:00 and 9:15 AM, and Red Oak meets at 9:30 AM via Google Hangout. Feel free to send me any questions you may have via email. 


Jimi Purse, Head of Upper School

Upper Elementary Weekly Plan: June 1-5, 2020

Dear Sweet Gum Community,

Below you will find details for the Week 10 Distance Learning Plan, the last DLP before our summer break. We hope you find inspiration and ample opportunities to reflect on the year and refine your work. We have been thrilled to see your creative creations and the fruits of your labors this spring, albeit from afar. Please continue to send us your work, share a bit about your processes, and reach out to us for help or support!

The following subject areas include new activities and projects this week: 

  • Reading - Recommending Your Favorite Book of 2019-2020
  • Writing -  The Research Process: Questions and Rehearsing with Ms. Navarro
  • Math and Geometry - Modern Mathematicians & Probability Games
  • History - Human Inventions
  • Science - What Can You Hear Underwater? (A Study of Sound Waves)
  • Geography - Economic Geography (The Story of Sugar)

If your child has not tried every activity from Weeks 1-9, you can find downloadable links to these plans under the “Downloadable Weekly Plans and Resources” panel on the webpage. Previous weekly plans from Specialists are also available on the Specials webpage.

In service,

Ms. Isaza and Mr. Kendall

Additional Recommendations & Resource Links

Thank you also to Marin Montessori School, The Montessori School of Tokyo, and to the many Montessori collaborators worldwide who have helped share ideas, schedules, webpages, and activities. This Aidan Montessori Distance Learning Plan honors the spirit of collaboration, cooperation, and work in service together during these difficult times.