Dear Primary Parents,

On this page you will find this week’s Distance Learning Plan. It is a balance of activities that encompass the main areas of the Montessori Primary curriculum and expands on many of the previous suggestions. We have listened to and taken to heart your feedback and are committed to enhancing the program to meet the learning needs of your child within the context of your family’s new at-home work and school challenges.

Notice that the previous weeks’ DLPs are archived below for your reference. Repeat an activity – remember we LOVE repetition – or add to or embellish something you started but maybe didn’t finish or offer again to your child who may not have been interested at the time.

Feel free to send me any questions you may have via email.


Denise Merkel, Head of Lower School

Primary Weekly Plan: June 1-5, 2020

Dear Primary Parents,

You’ve heard us talk about the importance of repetition over and over again. That’s because we truly believe it to be vital for the steady development of skills for the Primary-aged child. Many times a child will repeat an activity until their needs are satisfied and they’ve reached their own “Ahh!” moment. It is our responsibility to provide enough time and space for that to happen.

You will find in this week’s recommendations some new activities (making and flying paper airplanes), another food preparation venture (juicing), and a replay of some of our favorites (art therapy, obstacle courses and thumb subtraction).  

During these ten weeks, we have been grateful for your collaboration, which this adventure truly was. We encourage you to return to the earlier weeks, find a category that has interested your child and go forward with it. Or find one that didn’t quite catch on the first try. 

Take time to refresh. Each day is a new one. Wishing you more of that newness in the days to come.                           

 The Primary Team,

Ms. Hernandez, Ms. Rey, Ms. Eckel, Ms. Sue, Ms. Caihuara, Ms. Lanka, Ms. Aker, Ms. Khraishah

Downloadable Weekly Plan Overview

Additional Resources

Thank you also to Marin Montessori School, The Montessori School of Tokyo, and to the many Montessori collaborators worldwide who have helped share ideas, schedules, webpages, and activities. This Aidan Montessori Distance Learning Plan honors the spirit of collaboration, cooperation, and work in service together during these difficult times.