Welcome to the Specialist & Foreign Language Distance Learning Plan. Ms. Stewart, Ms. Skor, Ms. Esparza, Mr. Katinas, Señora Lopez, and Ms. Chen have provided activities and work choices for the children. These work choices will be available on the Aidan website and updated weekly. It is recommended that the children focus on their academic work during the morning work cycle and plan to explore the opportunities offered by the specialists in the afternoon.

In addition, the Student Services Team - Ms. Kwerel, Ms. Navarro, and Mr. Hurwitz - have posted their information at the bottom of this page for your convenience. If your child works specifically with anyone on this team, be on the lookout for a personalized email outlining your support plan.

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Learning Support

Downloadable Weekly Overview Plans for Specials

Thank you also to Marin Montessori School, The Montessori School of Tokyo, and to the many Montessori collaborators worldwide who have helped share ideas, schedules, webpages, and activities. This Aidan Montessori Distance Learning Plan honors the spirit of collaboration, cooperation, and work in service together during these difficult times.