Before & After School

The Before and After School Programs at Aidan (BSP and ASP) are designed to provide a safe, comfortable, and engaging environment for Primary (BSP & ASP) and Elementary (ASP only) students before and/or after their Montessori work.

In the morning, Primary children enrolled in BSP go straight away to their own rooms and are greeted by their classroom Assistant. They take down chairs, fold laundry, wet sponges, organize the food for snack and otherwise prepare their community for their soon-to-arrive classmates. They can read, socialize, and begin their work for the day.

In the afternoon, our Director of the After School Program prepares an after school environment in the Toddler classrooms so that Primary and Elementary children can be independent and enjoy choosing age-appropriate materials, games, art media, etc. Students can take a nap, eat a snack, and enjoy each other’s company in play. Parents supply snack on a rotating basis similar to the classroom. When the playground is available, children go to the outdoor environment for supervised outdoor play. Children may also go for a walk to the Zoo, the library, and parks in our area. ASP personnel are sensitive to the needs of children at all ages and stages of development in creating activities. They guide and encourage independence, positive choices, and collaborative play that fosters positive social relationships.

Additionally, Aidan offers opportunities for learning and fun with friends in our after school Discovery Programs.

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Before & After School Programs' News & Posts

ASP in the Just-About-Springtime

We've been enjoying time outside - and inside - as 2018 warms up in fits and starts. We've also got some great pictures to share, of adventures both on campus and in the neighborhood.

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Before & After School Program Hours

Before School Program:
Starts at 8:00am

After School Program:
Ends at 6:00pm

Contact Admissions for further details on schedule options.

Please note that B/ASP does not serve Toddlers

Meet Our Before & After School Staff

Lakmali Cooray

ASP Assistant and Toddler Assistant, Mountain Silverbell Class

Phillip Katinas

Director of Auxiliary Programs

Bryan Librizzi

Director of Discovery & Summer Camps and Physical Education Teacher

Nirmala Tennekoon

ASP Assistant and Toddler Assistant, Sassafras Class