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Thanks for a Great JEDI Potluck!

The JEDI Committee hosted its first potluck at the end of May, and is looking forward to continuing to talk about and work for justice, equality, diversity, and inclusion at Aidan after a wonderful evening of food and camaraderie.

May and June in Physical Education

Late spring in Physical Education, according to PE Teacher Bryan Librizzi, has upped student skills in understanding games, tournaments, problem solving, and their own movement through space.

May 五月

From Chinese Teacher Minfang Maguire, a continuing tradition of a special going out for 6th year students and other adventures in Chinese culture and food in May, the month of preparation.

Download Aidan's New Mobile App

We have a great new resource for the adults in the Aidan community: a new mobile app. Try it on your iPhone or Android today!

The End of a Great Year in Art

It's been a fantastic end to a great year in art, and Art Teacher Margaret Skor is looking forward to expanding the art curriculum and going out to art museums more next year.