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How Montessori Education Helped Inspire the Farm-to-Table Movement of American Restaurants

For over four decades, California's Alice Waters has stood at the forefront of America's Farm-to-Table Movement. Based on the NPR podcast "How I Built This," learn how Waters background as a Montessori Teacher helped shape her own restaurant's philosophy and continues to inspire people across the county with her "Edible Schoolyard Project" and advocacy for local, sustainable agriculture.

Lower School Blog: Time to Process

In the buzz of a busy day, how can we ensure our little bees have a chance to process their days? Ms. Merkel shares her thoughts on the importance of giving our children time and space to process information, learn, and grow.

Creativity Corner: End of Year Art Journeys

We hope you had a chance to soak up all the wonderful art displayed this year at our Evening of the Arts: World of Art! Art teacher Margaret Skor shares some thoughts on the importance of building portfolios and our Elementary students' most recent art journeys.