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Aunty Aidan on Winter Break Boredom
Aunty Aidan on Winter Break Boredom

A note to the uninitiated: Aunty Aidan is Aidan Montessori School's cheeky advice columnist. Have you got a question for her next column? Please email the grande dame herself - she's always happy to help.

Dear Aunty Aidan,

The long Winter Break is approaching. As much as I cherish the extended time together, I can already hear the inevitable, "I'm bored!" What's one to do?

Full of Dread

Dear Dread-full,

For sure the holidays are ramped up with excitement: parties, relatives, forbidden foods, late bedtimes, sensory overload, and, after the celebrations cease, children (and adults alike) find it difficult to transition from the festivities to the quietude. What's next and what are you going to do about it?

It is not your job (nor that of your caregiver) to entertain or schedule activities to fill every waking hour. Yes, you're guaranteed to hear it: "I'm bored!" so prepare to respond with something akin to, "I'm confident that you'll think of something to do soon," and then become the most boring thing in the house. Think of it as a gift - something happens in the silence of nothing to do; they can hear their own inner voice, that teacher whom Montessori refers to in her writings. They become contemplative, creative, inventive, building a world of their own making. So take the "break" in Winter Break literally: time free from the usual stresses. Don't dread it - embrace it and get bored together.

Aunty Aidan