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Bookmark: New Additions to the Library

Bookmark: New Additions to the Library
Bookmark: New Additions to the Library

Spring greetings from Aidan Library!

Throughout the academic year we get new additions to the Library and I want to note a few recent ones here.

Nowhere Boy by Katherine Marsh

This is a contemporary story (the action takes place in 2015) that has the feel of a gripping historical novel. It is about two boys: a 14-year-old Syrian boy who, having lost all his family members in the war and the perilous boat ride across the Mediterranean, hides out in the basement of the family of a 13-year-old American boy who is in Belgium for a year because of his father's job. The American boy, Max, discovers Ahmed in the basement, and agrees to keep his presence hidden and then helps him in lots of ways that are increasingly risky. Both boys display remarkable courage, self-discipline, and empathy. I think readers will not be able to put this book down, as I hardly could!

For ages 10-14

Bicycling to the Moon by Timo Parvela, illustrated by Virpi Talvitie, and translated by Ruth Urbom

Finnish author Timo Parvela is a nominee this year for the prestigious Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, and I will be glad if he wins because then more of his books will be translated into English! Bicycling to the Moon has such captivating, distinct main characters – the cat Purdy and the dog Barker, one imaginative, spontaneous and a bit lazy, and the other practical, organized and hard-working – that children will recognize as realistic but will also be charmed by them. The chapters each tell about a complete event so that the book would work well as a read-aloud. The illustrations in cross-hatch-style ink and watercolor are a great match for the text.

For ages 8-10

Edison: The Mystery of the Missing Mouse Treasure, written and illustrated by Torben Kuhlmann, translated by David Henry Wilson

This large-format book has a lot of text but also full-page, detailed, beautiful illustrations, and together they tell the story. A young mouse, Pete, enlists the help of an older Professor mouse to get to the bottom of a mystery about one of Pete's ancestors. In the course of the story the reader learns about how to build a submersible and about the invention of the light bulb; Kuhlmann cleverly makes technical and historical details very appealing to young readers.

For ages 8-11

Enjoy these great reads and more from the Aidan Library!


Nell Stewart, Librarian