Join Us for "The Birds & The Bees" on March 12

Join Us for "The Birds & The Bees" on March 12

Dear Families,

We all know that "the birds and the bees” are a natural part of life, but when is the best time to begin this conversation with your children? Do you feel comfortable and ready to share this information or does the thought of it strike fear in your heart? Never fear, we are here to help! 

As part of Aidan’s EPIC (Elementary Parent Information Classes) series, we invite you to join Aidan parent, Betsy Quilligan, for an in-person discussion on talking to your children about "the birds and the bees." This event will take place on Tuesday, March 12th, from 8:30-9:30 AM (right after arrival) in the St. Thomas Auditorium. While this meeting is primarily geared toward parents of elementary-aged children, we warmly invite all parents to attend and bring their questions as we cover this important topic. Betsy is a certified postpartum doula and a trained facilitator of sexuality education curricula for elementary-aged children known as "Our Whole Lives."

This meeting is designed to support parents as they prepare and start having discussions about body parts, puberty, sexuality, and reproductive health. Through guided dialogue, parents will identify family priorities, consistent strategies, and specific resources they can use to talk with their children about sex and bodies in developmentally-appropriate ways. 


We hope you can join us on March 12 for “The Birds & The Bees”. If you are able to attend, please RSVP using the link above.


Mariana Vicéns

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