Street Safety Reminders

In light of the increasing number of walking and riding students encountering injuries in vehicular incidents, we want to remind you to please be extra vigilant around campus and on your ride or walk to and from school.

In that vein, here are some general reminders about drop-off and pick-up:

  • At drop-off, please make sure your child goes directly into the care of their teacher.
  • At pick-up, please assume immediate responsibility for your child. This is especially important at the Woodley Road side of campus, which is not currently a school zone (although we are working on it). As children are released to their parents at that gate, they are immediately in proximity to a busy road with drivers who often exceed the speed limit. With this in mind, as your child exits, please take them by the hand and move out of the area. Unfortunately, this is not a great area to congregate with other families—however, the Marriott lawn is, and it's a short walk to get there from the Woodley Road gate.
  • At both drop-off and pick-up, please make sure your child is exiting your vehicle on the sidewalk side only (if possible), and not venturing into oncoming traffic when entering or exiting a car.
  • During drop-off and pick-up, please do not park in the marked crosswalk on 27th Street.
  • NEW: please turn on your hazard blinkers while waiting on 27th Street to drop-off or pick-up. This will help signal to our traffic coordinator and other residential vehicles that you are an Aidan vehicle waiting and will allow us to direct other residential drivers around the carpool line. 

Thank you for continuing to promote safety at our school during drop-off and pick-up! 

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