Notes from Nurse Lexi: October Updates

Dear Aidan Community, 

There have been a few changes and tweaks that have been made to our Health and Safety Handbook in order to uphold our high standard of safety. Please see these changes below:

  • Students are now required to wear masks while at recess. 
  • Having a fever of 100.4F is a ‘Red Flag’ symptom that will cause a student or staff member to be sent home or stay home.
  • After recovering from COVID-19, a person should send me a note from either their DOH Contact Tracer or their health care provider explaining that they have completed quarantine and the specific date they can return to school.
  • Recess and PE have been changed in a way that the classes are separated to allow students to have their own space to run around and play.
  • Home tests are no longer accepted. We require that any COVID test be sent to a lab to be read in order for it to be accepted.
  • The Primary and Toddler communities will follow the same guidelines as the Elementary school when quarantining after exposure. Those guidelines express that anyone exposed should quarantine for 7-10 days depending on testing and symptoms. Unvaccinated exposed persons can choose to get tested on day 5-7, and if the results come back negative, and they do not experience any symptoms, they can return to school on day 8 after their last exposure. If no testing is done, a 10 day quarantine should be followed, returning to school on day 11 after their last exposure.
  • Please be reminded that being in ASP increases the likelihood of your child being quarantined because of the increased exposure to children from other classes. Hopefully, with vaccines becoming available soon, it will allow us to be more flexible in mixing classes and providing an environment where children do not have to quarantine when they are exposed to a positive individual.

Thank you very much for your continued support, caution, and questions. I look forward to continuing to have a healthy and more flexible year.

Stay well,

Nurse Lexi

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