Aidan Fund Update - Thank You for Your Support!

Aidan Fund Update - Thank You for Your Support!

Great news! We are officially at 50% family participation, and every day get we closer to our Aidan Fund goal of 100% participation!

Thank you to our families, grandparents, staff, board members and alumni who have already made their gift or pledge to the Aidan Fund—we sincerely appreciate your generosity and support.

You might be wondering, "why does 100% participation matter?" and "how can my small gift truly make a difference?" Every gift counts. Whether it's $20 or $2,000 - every gift brings us closer to our goal of 100% participation.

High levels of participation by key stakeholders such as families, board members, and staff send a strong message about the value of an education at Aidan Montessori School and are often necessary to qualify for grants and outside funds. This participation not only demonstrates a vested interest in Aidan's continued success by those who are directly involved with the school, but also signals to outside organizations and foundations that Aidan is a great place to invest!

Gifts to the Aidan Fund impact all aspects of life at the School. Your gift helps Aidan shine bright and dream big! It allows us to maintain our beautiful Montessori classrooms, materials and facilities; provide professional development opportunities for our dedicated staff; support essential programs such as Financial Aid and to ensure that every Aidan student receives a phenomenal Montessori education.

We're halfway to our goal and you can help us close the remaining gap. So while your gift may seem small or inconsequential, know that it can go a long way toward ensuring Aidan's future success. Any gift that is meaningful to your family is meaningful to Aidan.

If you are unable to make your gift today, please consider making a pledge to the Aidan Fund. Pledges may be fulfilled at anytime between now and June 30, 2022 and count toward our overall participation.

As a reminder, Aidan Montessori School is a 501(c)(3) and all donations to the Aidan Fund are fully tax-deductible.

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