Upcoming Admissions and Enrollment Events

Open Houses: January 8 & 13
Our final virtual Open Houses of the school year will take place on Friday, January 8 beginning at 9:00 AM and Wednesday, January 13 at 7:30 PM. If you have friends who are interested in attending our last Open House, please refer them to our website to register here: https://www.aidanschool.org/admissions/visit

Application Due Date for New Families: January 15
All applications for new/prospective families are due on Friday, January 15.

Financial Aid Applications & All Recommendations and Records are Due for New Students: Friday, January 29
All teacher recommendations and school records are due for all new students applying to Aidan. In addition, families wishing to apply for tuition assistance must apply online through TADS.

Re-enrollment Agreements for 2021-22 School Year: January 8-29
Re-enrollment Agreements for the 2021-22 school year will be sent to all families by January 8. Contracts are due back for current families by Friday, January 29.

As a reminder, the parent who signed the enrollment agreement from the previous year will receive the enrollment agreement, as our database only allows for one parent to be sent the Re-enrollment Agreement. After January 29, Admissions will move forward to fill the remaining open spaces in all classrooms with new students.

If you do not receive the Agreement or have any questions or concerns around the Re-enrollment process, please contact the Admissions Office or Grace Lee at g.lee@aidanschool.org.

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