Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences - March 16 & 17

Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences - March 16 & 17

Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Thursday, March 16 and Friday, March 17.

Held twice a year for two days in the fall and spring, Parent-Teacher Conferences are important opportunities to hear about your child’s life at school and to share information from home. Our teachers are well prepared to discuss each child on these days. We fully expect every parent to make an appointment during Parent-Teacher Conferences and use this dedicated, pre-planned time to meet with the teacher. Except for Toddlers who are in session on the Thursday of conferences, school is closed for those days.

Parents have the choice to schedule a 20-minute in-person or virtual conference. Parents can indicate in the registration form which method they prefer. Each teacher will post their Zoom link on their respective class website before conferences begin. 

If you need childcare during your child's conference, please also select that option during the sign-up process. Please note that childcare is offered for currently enrolled students for the duration of your conference. 

Parent-Teacher Conference sign-ups are now open through the PickATime system and will remain open through March 12, 2023. 

Please go to https://pickatime.com/aidanmontessorischool and choose "Parent-Teacher Conferences Spring 2023" from the dropdown menu.

Before you are able to choose your conference time, PickATime requires you to set up an account by following the link above to register your email address and choose a password. PickATime will guide you through the steps to set up your account. If you have set up an account through PickATime previously, you will be able to access your account using your previously chosen password. PickATime will guide you through the steps to retrieve any forgotten passwords and will also email you a reminder 24 hours in advance of your scheduled visit time.

If you have any questions, please email Linda Fincham or call (202) 387-2700.

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