November Nurse Notes: Video Update from Nurse Lexi

Greetings Aidan Community!

Please watch this informational video below about some health reminders!Be sure to sign up your child for our community testing following Thanksgiving Break on November 29, 2021 from 1:30-2:30 PM. If you have already signed up your child through Capital Diagnostics, all you need to do is reserve a time slot using SignUpGenius

If your child was not tested by Capitol Diagnostics on September 2, then please follow these steps to register as a new patient before reserving your child’s testing time slot using the SignUpGenius link.

If you are planning to travel over the break, please be sure to follow the appropriate travel guidance. 

  • For domestic and international travel, unvaccinated or partially vaccinated persons should get tested 3-5 days after returning home from their trip and self-quarantine for 7 days days, even if the test results are negative. If there is no COVID-19 test done, a self-quarantine of 10 days should be performed.
  • For fully vaccinated persons, there is no travel, quarantine, or testing required after domestic travel. If you plan to travel internationally, please get tested 3-5 days after your return, but there is no need to quarantine while awaiting the results.

In the instance of travel, we will ask for you to follow your own timeline for testing that follows the above guidelines. (Please note that being fully vaccinated means that 2 full weeks have passed since a person has received their second dose of the vaccine.)

Additionally, please watch this informational video below about some health reminders. 

Thank you for your continued partnership and support. As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Stay well, 

Nurse Lexi

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