Introducing Aidan's New Mascot...

Last January, a group of Upper Elementary students approached Head of School, Kevin Clark, with a proposal. The goal of the meeting - to select a school mascot, one that would embody the character and vision of Aidan Montessori School. After gaining approval to move ahead with the mascot selection process, the students began polling their peers and gathering suggestions on which animal might best capture the spirit of Aidan. 

After much deliberation, polling, and voting, the students selected the alligator as Aidan's new mascot! As stated by one Upper Elementary student, "the alligator represents protecting and saving life, and I believe that is a great label to put on this school!" 

Therefore, we are thrilled to introduce our new mascot...the Aidan Alligator!

The mascot not only embodies the spirit of Aidan, but highlights our amazing Montessori students in action. In a note to Mr. Clark and Mr. Purse about the mascot project, one Elementary student exclaimed: "Thank you for approving this idea at the very start! You have no idea how excited I am to have my last years at a school with the coolest mascot!"

From the start, our students collaborated and identified the desire for a mascot. They took the initiative to gain approval for the project and engaged in a democratic process to solicit suggestions and vote on the option they believed to the be the best from their peers. Collaboration, critical thinking, community engagement, collective action and leadership - these are just some of the life skills used by our students during the mascot process. They are also skills that are integral to the growth and development of a Montessori child.

The role and image of Aidan's mascot will continue to grow and evolve, and we look forward to sharing more about this process as the year progresses. 

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