Important: Scheduling Updates for Inauguration Week

Dear Aidan Community,

I am writing to inform you of important adjustments in programming. First, in light of the significant potential for civil unrest next week, and out of concern for the safety of our families, teachers, and staff, all learning at Aidan Montessori School will be fully online (DLP 2.0) next week (January 19 to 22). As a reminder, School is closed on Monday, January 18th, for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Assuming that we are able to return to the hybrid learning program the following week, Pod B will be in person the week of January 25 to 29. 

This course corrects for disparities between the two pods. We made the decision to return to DLP 2.0 based on current intelligence about the potential for domestic terrorism during Inauguration Week. Recent information from the FBI and Mayor Bowser’s office indicates that last week’s attack on the Capitol is unlikely to be the last push of domestic terrorists. Mayor Bowser has asked all Americans to participate in the Inauguration virtually, in an attempt to protect the District from a repeat of the violent attacks on January 6th. The commute for many of our teachers and staff, as well as some of our families, takes them over bridges and through downtown DC, and some commute via public transportation -- and we do not wish to place them in harm’s way.  

In addition, learning will be fully online (DLP 2.0) from March 29 to April 2, the week following Spring Break. On the Wednesday of that week, March 31st, we will again conduct COVID-19 testing for all students, faculty and staff. There will be no classes, either online or in-person, on March 31st, as everyone needs to travel to the School for testing. This is consistent with the model we followed post-Winter Break and in line with recommended reopening practices. 

Please know that deciding to be in-person or at home is never an easy decision to make, and there are many competing factors we take into account and try to balance as best we can. But striking this balance is often challenging, and there are no simple answers. Some members of our community want to stay home and others want our children to have an in-person learning experience. Much thinking, debate, and information-gathering goes into the deliberation process, and we appreciate your ongoing support, even if your personal inclination would be to decide differently. We are fortunate that our School and its faculty and staff have done the hard work to put together a robust DLP 2.0 that we can turn to in times of need.

Between the volatile political and public health situations, as well as the usual variables that influence a school, this year has been a tightrope walk. Gathering all of the available data and taking it into consideration to make decisions that are in the best interests of our School and our community is a “big work.” It is a work that we try to approach with diligence and humility. Please know that there are conscientious people working for the good of the School and its community, and that we will continue to do our utmost to make Aidan Montessori School the best place it can be for our children, families, teachers, and staff.

Thank you for continuing to support our School and please stay safe and healthy.


UPDATED: Distance/Hybrid Learning Schedule

  • January 19-22: All Virtual - DLP 2.0
  • January 25-29: Pod B In-Person
  • February 1-5: Pod A In-Person
  • February 8-12: Pod B In-Person
  • February 16-19: Pod A In-Person
  • February 22-26: Pod B In-Person
  • March 1-5: Pod A In-Person
  • March 8-12: Pod B In-Person
  • March 15-17: Pod A In-Person
  • March 22-26: No School - Spring Break
  • March 29-April 2: All Virtual - DLP 2.0 (COVID-19 testing date on 3/31)


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