Holiday Travel & COVID

The Aidan community is indeed a family in its own right and by extension, a part of yours. Our families, faculty, and staff depend on the cooperation of the others to keep our entire community safe. During this time of COVID-19, we all must take a collective approach when it comes to mitigating the risks involved with in-person instruction under our Hybrid Learning Program.

With Thanksgiving and the holidays just around the corner, we respectfully request that you consider the consequences of any family holiday travel plans and gatherings in the coming weeks.

Remember that we are your family, too. We implore everyone to abide by the guidelines in the Aidan Reopening Handbook outlined under the "Family Roles and Responsibilities" section when it states that:

Families should follow the guidelines issued by the District of Columbia for travelers returning to DC from COVID-19 high risk states or countries, which is currently defined as a state or country with 10 or more positive cases per 100,000 people. These guidelines should also be followed by families who have visitors from hotspots. Upon their return from areas designated as COVID-19 hot spots, students and faculty/staff should limit daily activities and self-monitor for symptoms for 14 days upon their return or until they get tested (approximately 3-5 days after their return) and receive a negative test result. Families should follow self-quarantine timing for travel as outlined by the “Travel by District Residents” section of the DC Mayor’s Order 2020-110 issued on November 6 regarding “Modified Requirements Regarding Self-Quarantine, Testing, and Travel During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency.”

If you are in need of additional information, the CDC recently released new recommendations regarding "Holiday Celebrations & Small Gatherings" and DC Health also issued guidance for "Thanksgiving and Other Holiday Celebrations."

Thank you all for helping us keep our Aidan family safe! 

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