Hello from Aidan's Parent Association

Dear Fellow Parents,

Welcome to what promises to be a very unique school year! This is my family’s fourth year at Aidan; my daughter Stella is in her final year of Primary in the Redbud class, and my daughter Eva will begin her Aidan journey in January in the Toddler community. After a spring and summer unlike any other, the start of a new academic year already feels dramatically different than any I’ve experienced before. Like many of you, I am looking forward to it with a mix of hope and nerves.

Whatever it may bring, the Aidan Parent Association (PA) is here to support your family. The purpose of the Parent Association has always been to build community among our families, acting as an informational resource and as a vehicle to get more deeply involved in our school. We host several events throughout the year, as well as regular meetings to help everyone stay up to date on what is happening at Aidan. While these get-togethers may look a bit different to start, they will still serve as consistent opportunities to connect, to learn, and to navigate this unique environment together.

As we start the school year physically separated, I’d like to invite you all to reach out to me and tell me what you would like to see from your PA this year. What can we do to best serve your family and facilitate your experience at Aidan? My primary goal as Chair this year is to ensure that despite the obvious challenges, we still find a way to maintain and build the supportive and inclusive sense of community that I have always found to be one of the most special things about Aidan.

Whether you are a new or a returning parent, I welcome your input and participation as we all navigate the year together. I hope you will join me, and my fellow officers, at our first PA meeting on Friday, September 25th. Please mark your calendars and look for additional details in upcoming school communications.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, please join The Aidan Parent Facebook Group and be sure that you are also following Aidan’s official Instagram and Facebook pages. While we can’t be together in person (yet!), we can connect on social media to share resources and experiences.

I look forward to hearing from, and eventually seeing, all of you!

Jenny Nuber

Parent Association Chair

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