Hello from Aidan's 2021-22 Parent Association Co-Chairs

Dear Fellow Parents,

Welcome to what promises to be another very unique school year! After a year and a half of zoom meetings, masks and social distancing we have our fingers crossed that we will be able to reconnect and celebrate some of our Aidan traditions in person once more.  

However this school year evolves, the Aidan Parent Association (PA) is here to support your family. The purpose of the PA is to build community among our families, acting as an informational resource and as a vehicle to get more deeply involved in our school. We host several events throughout the year, as well as regular meetings to help everyone stay up to date on what is happening at Aidan. While these get-togethers may have to be modified to ensure that we keep our kids in school, they will still serve as consistent opportunities to connect, to learn, and to navigate this unique environment together. We hope you will participate!

Please mark your calendars and join us for the following kick-off events this fall:

  • Popsicles in the Park on Saturday, Sept. 11th from 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM at the Macomb Playground. Visit with fellow parents while your kids play. Don't forget your masks, sunblock, bug spray, reusable water bottles and to socially distance while your kids enjoy their cold treats. Be sure to fill-out the contact tracing form at check-in.

  • Back to School Night on Thursday, Sept. 23rd at 7:30 PM online. Hear about your child's classroom schedule and procedures from their teacher. This is your opportunity to ask questions and gain insight on what will be happening in the classroom this fall. 

  • First PA Meeting on Friday, Sept. 24th at 9:30 AM online. Join us for the first meeting of the year, which will be held online. As a parent at Aidan, you are automatically a member of the PA. Meetings last about an hour. (We understand busy schedules, so you are welcome to login and off as needed.)

  • Fall Festival/60th Birthday Party on Sunday, Oct. 3rd. Details to be determined. Traditionally we meet on the Aidan playground for a morning of refreshments and fun, but to make sure we keep our community safe and kids in the classroom we are reevaluating this plan. Stay tuned!

We also encourage you to fill out our online Parent Volunteer Form, located on the Parent Association Page of Aidan's website. Volunteering is an excellent way to connect with those who share your passions and interests, increase your connectivity within the community and share your voice. Any amount of time you contribute will be greatly appreciated and we welcome new ideas.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, please join The Aidan Parent Facebook Group and be sure that you are also following Aidan’s official Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. And feel free to contact us, Lauren and Rebecca  (find us in the online directory!), or our staff contact, Nicole Goodman, with questions or suggestions to help us build and strengthen our Aidan community.

We look forward to a great year and look forward to getting to know our fellow Aidan parents. 

All the best,

Your 2021-2022 Parent Association Co-Chairs

Lauren Ackil (mother to Estelle in Persimmon) & 

Rebecca Neuberger (mother to Samson in Red Oak and Sophie in Sweet Gum)

Meet the PA Leadership Team for 2021-2022

Lauren Ackil, Co-Chair (Bottom Left)

Rebecca Neuberger, Co-Chair (Bottom Right)

Kevin Ward, Room Parent Coordinator (Top Left)

Adrienne Foster, Community Service Coordinator (Top Right)

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