Have You Turned In Your Child's Health Forms?

Health Forms

As a reminder, all students must have their required health and information forms submitted to the Front Office as soon as possible. Parents may email the forms directly to Linda, mail them to the school, or may drop them off in the mail slot at the school building.  

Required Forms:

  1. Consent and Waiver Forms
  2. OSSE Registration Record for Child Receiving Care Away from Home
  3. OSSE Travel and Activity Authorization
  4. Authorization for Child's Emergency Medical Treatment
  5. DC Health Form
  6. DC Dental Form*
  7. Medication Authorization Form (If Applicable)
  8. Allergy Action Plan (If Applicable)
  9. Asthma Action Plan (If Applicable)
  10. Permission for Topical Application of Sunscreen and/or Insect Repellent (If Applicable)

*Please note that due to COVID-19, OSSE has granted an extension for the submission of the DC Dental Health form until January 2021.  

OSSE requires that all of these forms be on file for all enrolled children, whether they are engaging in virtual or in-person learning. Please submit these forms as soon as possible.  

If you have any questions regarding students' forms or medication, kindly contact Linda Fincham or School Nurse Lexi Pollack.

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