Getting Started with Magnus Health

Dear Aidan Families,

We will be using the COVID-19 screening in the Magnus Health mobile app in order to track the health of our students and staff when we return to in-person learning on November 9th. In order to help keep our community safe, all parents will be required to complete this daily COVID-19 screening for each student attending in-person classes at Aidan prior to their departure for school.

The Magnus Mobile app will allow parents to complete this easily from a smartphone in just a few clicks. This screening process will help us to create the safest possible environment for your children and our faculty & staff by avoiding screenings at the door where person to person transmissions could take place. At the completion of the screening each morning, you will receive a message for the student’s attendance instruction for that day. If approved, proceed to school and be ready to show the approval message to the staff member checking temperature at your child’s designated entrance. 

We thank you in advance for your cooperation in this daily screening as it will be an imperative function of our safety protocols. All parents must submit the screening each morning by no later than 7:15 AM. Please reserve 1 to 2 minutes per child to complete this each morning.

How to Set Up & Access Your Magnus Health Account & Magnus Mobile App:

  1. Log in to Aidan’s Parent Portal. On the Parent Portal homepage, click the green button, “Magnus Health Login” located on the right side of the page. 
  2. After clicking the green “Magnus Health Login” button, parents will be taken to the Magnus Health web browser where they will be prompted to set up a password.
  3. Parents will also need to update their login credentials for the mobile app and may do so by hovering over their name in the Magnus web portal and selecting “Change Credentials”. 
  4. After updating your credentials, you will need to download the Magnus mobile app. Download the “Magnus Health” app from the Google Play Store or Download the “Magnus Mobile V2” app from the Apple Store and login using your newly created username/password combination. If your device allows it, you can also set up the biometric login for easier access.

How to Complete Daily COVID-19 Screening (Video Tutorial):

  1. Log in to the Magnus mobile app each morning (Note: The only way to access the COVID-19 survey is through the mobile app. It cannot be accessed through a web browser.)
  2. Click on your child’s name and then select the “Covid-19” icon located at the middle-bottom of the menu.
  3. Click on “COVID 19 Screening” and please fill out the questionnaire with the most honest and up-to-date information.
  4. Press “Save” and follow the instructions that come up on the next page. Parents will receive either a “GO” or “STOP” message. If you have any questions on your results, please contact Nurse Lexi.
  5. If you have multiple children who attend Aidan, please complete the screening process for each child. In addition, if one of your children gets a "STOP" page after their test, please go back and edit your response to question 12 on your other child(ren)’'s questionnaires.
  6. Be ready to show your child’s “GO” message when you escort your child to their designated entrance point once you arrive at Aidan.

Other Important Things to Note:

  1. The only way to access the COVID-19 survey is through the mobile app. It cannot be accessed through a web browser. 
  2. When you login to Magnus you will see a number of different icons, you do not need to fill out this information at the present time. There will also be a video tutorial on how to upload form, please disregard this information for the time-being. In addition to COVID-19 monitoring, Magnus is a health management system where forms and emergency information can be stored. We are not currently using this function for the 2020-2021 school year.
  3. If your child’s pod grouping is scheduled to be at home/virtual during a specific week, you do not need to complete the screening. The screening will only be used for children who will be attending in-person classes at Aidan. 
  4. If your child’s pod grouping is scheduled to be in-person/at school, but your child will be absent due to sickness, you will still need to fill out the COVID screening.

If you have any difficulty accessing Magnus Health through Aidan’s Parent Portal, then please contact Nicole Goodman. If you have any difficulty completing the screening or other Magnus-related questions, please contact Nurse Lexi Pollack

Thank you for partnering with us to help keep our community safe! 

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