From the Head: Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year

Welcome and welcome back!

These are exciting times and the energy around campus is palpable. While the pandemic isn’t over yet, we are thrilled to welcome all children to campus on their full-time schedules—including ASP (the After School Program)—beginning next Tuesday. 

As children step through the doors next week, they will encounter a building that has been dramatically overhauled. Our newly-renovated building includes major improvements (such as our DOAS/HVAC system and upgraded elevator) and many less-obvious improvements (such as updates to our fire alarm system and masonry). Walls received a fresh coat of paint, all the ceilings were replaced, and all of our lighting now features eco-friendly daylight harvesting fixtures. We are so excited about these recent upgrades, and can’t wait to welcome the children into our new-and-improved building!

We have learned a lot as a school over the past two years. While there might have been times when none of us could stomach another Zoom call, we are likely to offer some of our events virtually, as we found that attendance at online Parent Association meetings and Open Houses fared well. We’ve also learned many skills that we may find useful in the year to come (like how to teach online, for example!).

Though we certainly collectively practiced resilience, flexibility, and grace over the dramatic ups and downs in the past two years, we are grateful for a better year in 2021. Though there will still be strangeness in face coverings, distancing, and choreographed dropping off and picking up, compared to the compromises that last year brought, this year brings with it a sense of relief and celebration. We are positive that the children will be happier and more engaged both socially and academically, and this brings great joy to our community!

Speaking of community-wide joy and celebration, this year is also Aidan Montessori School’s 60th birthday. So, look forward to surprises and events throughout the coming year that will enable us to celebrate 60 years of excellence and dedication to Maria Montessori’s enduring vision.

Regarding recent updates on our staff and faculty, last Friday we officially welcomed back all of our faculty and staff at our all-school retreat at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. This is an annual event that heralds the start of the school year for faculty and staff, enables us to become reacquainted and get to know our new community members, and also go over all of the operational areas of the school, emergency planning, policies and, of course, grace and courtesy. 

Throughout the week of August 30th, all of the School’s employees—teachers, assistants, specials, support, and administrators—will be engaging in “Work Week,” during which all of the classrooms are arranged. This is especially important this year as all of the construction necessitated moving absolutely everything out of the school and into storage over the summer. Consequently, all hands will be on deck to help unpack and prepare our beautiful environments so they are ready to welcome the children as they return.  

After the challenges faced during the last two years, we have all wanted the year that is ahead of us: a year that is full of joy, peace, health, optimism, positivity, and love. We are all looking forward to sharing the coming year with our community and partnering with each and every family to ensure a great year for all at Aidan Montessori School.


Kevin Clark

Head of School

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