Discovery Update - Fall 2020

Due to these challenging circumstances, Aidan is not holding an official Discovery semester this fall. Instead, our incredible Discovery teachers and vendors are offering various online and in-person classes during the afternoon. Feel free to look through the Fall Discovery lineup to see what exciting projects and activities await your child!

Please note that registrations will be held directly through the vendors' own platforms. Families are encouraged to register by September 15 to allow vendors and teachers ample time to account for class numbers.

ActivePLAY Enrichment Camp

Type of Class: Public In-Person Fall Camp

Ages: 5-12

Description: ActivePLAY, who has offered ping pong, soccer, and many more Discovery classes in the past, is offering an in-person fall camp! Choose from a selection of activities including tennis, floor hockey, archery, sewing, and much more!

Register: select your weekly and/or daily options at here.


Type of Class: Public Virtual and/or In-Person Classes

Ages: 3-12

Description: The Lab's Break Dance program is designed to introduce students to dance using basic Breakin' techniques and skills. Instructors will teach basic Breakin' to develop strength, coordination and gross motor skills (skipping, hopping, leaping, etc). They will encourage physical activity, teamwork and confidence through rhythm based activities in a fun and exciting class setting. The program will help your young dancer develop better balance, coordination, listening skills and other social skills.

Register: select your options at


Type of Class: Public Virtual Classes

Ages: Ages: 3-12

Description: Enter into the magical and exciting world of chess with Chess Wizards! You will participate in epic chess games, fun and interactive lessons, tournaments, team matches, trivia and more! Our specialized classes are a blast for everyone kindergarten through fifth. Whether you have been playing chess for your entire life and want to improve, are brand new to the game, or you just want to have a fun experience with your friends - Chess Wizards online is the place for you! Here’s a quick video about Chess Wizards. Also, here is a placement/chess skill level test to try out at home!

Register: select your options at


Type of Class: Virtual Private Lessons

Ages: 4-12

Description: Nazlymov Fencing is offering an online introductory course consisting of a set of 5 private lessons. This series for total beginners teaches all the basics needed to join in and thrive in our group classes. We teach the basic forms, a few simple strategies, and lay the foundation of work that creates a vocabulary to discuss complex concepts shared across our fencing community. These flexible online lessons allow students to go at their own pace and fits easily around any schedule. Sessions are 30 minutes and are usually held at 4:00 pm weekdays, although they can be shifted around according to your scheduling needs. “The Online Special” can be set up quickly and easily by contacting Coach Jake to find a schedule that works best for you.

Register: Contact Coach Jacob Hazle-Cary, Nazlymov Fencing Head Coach of Youth Development at 

Girls on the Run

Type of Class: Aidan-Only Virtual Classes

Ages: 8-12 (Girls Only)

Description: GOTR is an empowering program for girls. Through running and other challenges, this program develops teamwork, friendships, and athletic abilities.

Register: find Aidan’s class at 


Type of Class: Public Virtual Classes

Ages: 5-12

Description: These classes are designed for beginner level students. Children learn basic karate movements and techniques and how to participate in group settings. They also build character in areas such as self-motivation, mutual respect, & discipline.

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Mad Science

Type of Class: Public Virtual Classes

Ages: 5-10

Description: Mad Science of DC is offering two special curricula this fall. 

Sensational Science at Home: In Sensational Science, your child will harness energy, learn the science behind heat, and explore the properties of both light and color. Your Mad Scientist will experiment with magnets, examine curious optical illusions, and explore the science of sound and vibrations! Children will get to learn all about Newton’s Laws of Motion and witness a hair-raising demonstration of static electricity.

Funky Forces at Home: In Funky Forces, your child will get to be a chemist, electrician, stunt pilot, and even magician! Children will investigate the basics of physics, and use their scientific minds to understand magic. Your children will be shocked by what they learn about electricity, blown away by their experiments with air pressure, and swept away by the excitement of water and waves!

Register: select your options at:

Paper Engineering with Ms. Angela

Type of Class: Aidan-Only Virtual Classes

Ages: 6-12

Dates: 10/7, 10/14, 10/21, 10/28

Description: In this class, we’ll make pop-up cards, portraits that move, treasure maps, and folding castles. Materials, including pre-cut templates and specialty papers, will be mailed to participants at the beginning of the session. You provide scissors, glue sticks, drawing supplies, and your imagination!

Register:  select your option here.

SSAT Prep with Achieve Tutoring

Type of Class: Private Lessons

Ages: 9-12 

Description: Achieve’s tutoring services provide exceptional support for students, both through our public school programs and our private, in-home tutoring. We provide students with the needed academic support that goes beyond the classroom setting. Our approach helps students build confidence and math skills at the same time. Students improve one to two grades when using our tutoring services consistently Learn more at

Register: Contact Demond at


Type of Class: Public and/or Private In-Person Classes

Ages: 3-12

Description: TGA Premier Tennis is offering private and semi-private classes in the area. We want to keep children moving while remaining safe. Semi-private classes are ideally for those who bubble together. Coaches will wear a mask and keep their distance. Temperature check upon arrival.

Register: select your options at

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