Are You Ready for In-Person Instruction?

Take a moment to read through this checklist to make sure that your family is ready to return for in-person learning! 

Have you…

  • Submitted completed health forms to Linda Fincham.
  • Submitted student medication and authorization forms to Nurse Lexi Pollack.
  • Downloaded the Magnus Health App and accessed the daily COVID-19 Screening.
  • Read the Reopening Handbook.
  • Read the Parent Handbook and submitted the signed acknowledgement form.
  • Placed your placard in your car for dismissal. Placards were inside the information packet many received at Monday's testing; if you did not attend testing, this placard and additional information will be mailed directly to you. If you require additional placards, let us know!

All students should bring…

  • Face coverings. Wear one and bring additional face coverings, which should be stored in a labelled plastic bag or container.
  • A change of clothing.
  • Personal hand sanitizer (if desired).
  • Please make sure to label ALL personal belongings.
  • For class and level specific supplies, please consult your child’s teacher directly.

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