Counselor Corner: Relax, Recharge, Reset

Dear Aidan Community,

It's hard to believe, but the end of the school year is rapidly upon us. As we are slowly entering a more "normal" post-COVID world, many of our students will be spending time in the sunshine, at the pool, on vacation, at camp, or doing any other fun activities that summer has to offer that were missed last year because of the pandemic. Summer break is also a great time to decompress, relax, and recharge. Just like our electronic devices, we need time to unplug and disconnect. I encourage all of our families to spend some time away from your devices and truly be present with the joys of what summer time has to offer as a family.

Though boredom is a concept that seems foreign to most of us in this age of immediate technological connectedness, I also encourage our students to experience boredom. Learning how to satisfy needs for entertainment, creativity, imaginative play, and connectedness without the aid of technology is a crucial skill for our students to develop. iPads and iPhones can be great ways to pass the time on a long car trip, but so is being able to look out the window and daydream. I’m not advocating for taking away electronics, just encouraging a balance between the digital and analog world.

So what does this look like from a practical application? One suggestion might be taking an electronic free “holiday” for a specific period of time. Maybe your family is going to the beach and everyone turns off their devices for the afternoon or for the evening. Whatever feels right. Time away from our devices helps us to be present with who are with, and not distracted by the next email or ping from a text.

Have a joyous and rejuvenating summer everyone!!


Jessica Kwerel. LPC

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